6 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

The benefits of having straight teeth are more just having a picture-ready smile. Did you know that 57% of Americans feel self-conscious about their smile? 75% of us have abnormalities with our teeth, meaning that you usually need the help of your dentist to achieve perfectly straight teeth. We’re taking a look at the benefits of having straight teeth…


Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If you have wisdom teeth, you’ve probably considered having them removed. If you’re experiencing pain, your dentist may recommend that your wisdom teeth are removed. The main question is around when you should have your wisdom teeth removed. Most dentists agree that it’s best to extract wisdom teeth before you’re 20 years old. If you’re over 30…


Most Common Causes For Bleeding Gums

It’s another beautiful day of sun. You’re out on a picnic with your pals. The fruits are being passed around, and you find yourself a juicy pear. You take a big contended bite, but instead of the juicy deliciousness, you feel a sting and see some blood on the flesh of the fruit. According to…


A Guide To Teach Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Helping your kids get accustomed to the practice of brushing their teeth can be a daunting task for parents. While it isn’t a piece of cake, knowing the right tricks makes it much easier. First of all, children are more exposed to cavity problems because of their high sugar intake levels. Dr. Shin, lead dentist…


How to Protect Your Teeth

Most of us are guilty of thinking our teeth are protected just by brushing and flossing. If you want to protect your teeth, you need to be booking regular six-month check-ups with your dentist in Vancouver. As part of your oral healthcare, a professional dental cleaning can top up your daily brushing and flossing. Along…


4 Signs Your Teeth are Rotten

Cavities and tooth loss have become a common problem these days. So much that people often overlook their dental condition until it’s too late. Cavities and tooth loss, however, can have severe and long-term consequences for you. In fact, it can even affect children who do not yet have their permanent teeth. Without regular cleanings,…


B.C. Residents May Soon be Receiving Vaccine Shots at the Dentist

With pharma giants like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson releasing COVID-19 vaccinations, people are lining up to receive the doses. To meet vaccination demands, we need a greater medical workforce to help administer the vaccine to every citizen. One easy way of fulfilling this demand is by authorizing dentists and other health professionals to…


Is it Safe to Visit my Dentist During COVID?

Early in 2020, dentistry was declared a high-risk profession by the ADA and CDC in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. All dental offices were asked to stop non-urgent visits and surgeries during the early months of the pandemic. Gradually, once lockdowns were lifted and things started opening up, dental practices reopened too. However, people are…