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Tooth Extraction: Procedure & Recovery

Though modern dentistry is capable of minimally invasive management for serious oral disease conditions, it is still possible for tooth decay or traumatic injury to damage a tooth beyond repair. As a result, tooth extractions are common procedures at every dental clinic. Sam Shin, a dentist in North Vancouver, provides insight into a typical tooth…

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How You Can Keep Your Teeth White

Keeping up with beauty standards in today’s world has never been harder. For those of you struggling to keep your teeth white, the comforting news is that there are lots of teeth whitening options. Beauty standards aside, it feels good to be able to smile freely. For a set of crooked teeth, you would have…


To Pull Out Your Tooth or Save It

Having an infected tooth can be very difficult to deal with due to the pain that comes with it. You will usually get multiple opinions about what to do about your diseased tooth. However, the best advice you can get will be from a dentist, and it will usually fall between options to save your…


Foods that are great for Oral Health

Unhealthy food feels great when you consume it, especially comfort food on bad days. However, they aren’t the kindest option for your oral health, which is the first thing that gets compromised when you load up on too much junk food. Now, that’s no way to make your dentist proud, and with the current environment,…